DCC Schnüfi

Sniffer replica without SMD

    This page presents a replica of the DCC sniffer with DIL components.

    The board is (naturally) slightly larger (94 * 66mm). Therefore a slightly larger TicTac box is required for mounting :-)
    The FTDI RS232RL was omitted, the USB connection is performed with an USB cable TLL-RS232 from FTDI.
    The two additional LED (RES1/RES2) are for future enhancements.




    The ATmega162 is centered on the board, to the left and right side there the two OC 6N136. In the middle you'll find the TTL-232R, at left bottom side the ISP, on the top middle and right side the JTAG jack and trigger input as well as start/stop and reset buttons.