OpenDCC. You will find here:

  • Click on Model Railway, you will find hints, information and electronics for the (second) most important toy for men (and women!).
  • OpenDCC is an open project for a command station supporting DCC. OpenDCC offers top performance due to its sophisticated handling of different DCC commands. It is released under the terms of the gnu public license.
  • OpenDecoder is an open platform for nearly any kind of DCC decoder. Available are turnout decoder (with or without feedback of the real position), signal decoder (with dimming), light decoder (including simulation of neon tubes and sodium lamps), traffic lights (specially for Faller Car System), servo decoder, road work security lights, blinking light a.s.o.
  • If a large layout is built, you will need some boosters at reasonable cost.

PCBs available?

    I've made a small series of PCB's for OpenDCC and OpenDecoder2. These are for sale (OpenDCC 21,90 Euro, OpenDecoder 4,90 Euro + shipment).
    You may order these PCBs directly with mail to my address. This is not a commercial offer, just a offer to share experience and fun among hobbyists.

    There are also OpenDCC kits available at shop.dcc-versand.de.

Latest Updates:

    20.10.10 New project: Occupancy Detector with full BiDi capability.
    04.03.10 New version of command station: V0.23.2

About this site:

    This is page made by a hobbyist for other hobbyists - nevertheless here you'll find the disclaimer.
    This web site uses Java Script, but only when it is necessary (like for the CV calculator, wire resistance calculator) and for some small ads.
    Clicking on an image will display a larger version of the image.

    As my native language is German, most of the stuff here is in German. But if you want to help the project and like to translate a page - You're welcome! And if you find an error in the English text, please tell me.