Command list for DCC Sniffer

    The following tables shows all commands in the Sniffer Mode. Commands ticked in the column NCE are compatible with the NCE Packet Analyzer. The commands always are built like follows:
  • <letter(s)> One or more characters denote the command.
  • [num] denotes the parameter to this command. The numeric field can be empty.
  • [+|-] denotes 'turn on / turn off'. (if omitted?)
  • <ENTER> marks the end of a command

  • Command List (Packet Analyzer Mode)
    V Display packets in 'verbose' mode (able to be interpreted by humans)  
    V1 Advanced verbose mode for speed commands (like a VU meter) L 041 +++++++++
    L 041 ---------
    H Display packets as hex bytes;
    H+ turns the display on, H- turns it off. H only will toggle the status.
    H0 Hex with leading special (see table 2) preamble char $03686B
    H1 Hex same as H0 but with spaces between bytes $ 03 68 6B
    H2 Hex with no preamble and no spaces 03686B
    H3 Hex with no preamble but with spaces between bytes 03 68 6B
    H4 Hex with preamble prefix 'P' but no spaces. If Railcom is detected, the prefix will be 'R'. P0E03686B
    H5 Hex same as H4 but with spaces between bytes P0E 03 68 6B
    H6 Hex with 'P' prefix but no preamble count nor spaces P03686B
    H7 Hex same as H6 but with spaces between bytes P 03 68 6B
    A+ Display all accessory packets  
    A<num> Display only accessory commands to this address. There are up to 4 trackers.    
    A- Don't display accessory packets  
    B+ Display all special packet for BiDi (railcom®)CS-IDa  
    B- Don't display all special packet for BiDi    
    D+ Display all datagram used for BiDi (Railcom®). Datagrams are the packet sent from the decoder to the command station.
    Note: this command is only available in version 3.00 or larger and requires the gateway board as basis.
    #<CV>:AF V3.0
    D- Don't display datagram   V3.0
    I+ Display all idle packets 
    I- Don't display idle packets 
    F+ Display all Fast Clock Commands (layout time).   
    F- Don't display Fast Clock commands.   
    L+ Display all locomotive packets.
    L activates all types of commands, including speed, function and PoM.
    L<num> Display only locomotive commands to this address. There are up to 4 trackers.    
    L- Don't display locomotive packets  
    LF+ Display all function packets to locomotives  
    LF<num> Display only locomotive function commands to this address. There are up to 4 trackers.    
    LF- Don't display function packets to locomotives  
    LP+ Display all PoM packets to locomotives  
    LP<num> Display only locomotive program commands to this address. There are up to 4 trackers.    
    LP- Don't display PoM packets to locomotives  
    LS+ Display all speed packets to locomotives  
    LS<num> Display only locomotive speed commands to this address. There are up to 4 trackers.    
    LS- Don't display speed packets to locomotives  
    P+ Display all service mode packets. These are fully decoded according to 9.2.1, release 2006.    
    P- Don't display service mode packets  
    + Display all commands (full logging).    
    - Display no command (logging off)    
    R+ Display all reset packets  
    R- Don't display reset packets 
    S+ Display all extended accessory packets 
    S- Don't display extended accessory packets 
    T timestamp.
    +Add a timestamp to the output. Time is displayed in units of ms and always given with 6 digits, thus wrapping every 1000 seconds.
    -Don't display a timestamp
    TRG Display an external trigger event (Trigger Input).
      TRG+ displays both edges.
      TRGF displays only the falling edge.
      TRGR displays only the rising edge.
      TRG- turns off.
    trigger events inside 10ms after a preceeding event will be ignored.
    K<num> Key mode; defines the action of the tracer.
    0:on / off toggle
    1:log only if key is pushed
    2:reset timer
    Note: not yet implemented.
    ? Display list of all commands 
    ?? Display current status of the sniffer (like active trackers)    
    C<num> This command changes configuration.
    0:DCC analyzer (commands emulate the nce packet analyzer)
    1:decoder tool, speed-o-meter
    2:time measurement mode
    Note: not yet implemented.

    With modes H0 or H1 the first character of the message denotes the nummer of preamble bits:
    Preamblebits: 1011 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
    leading char:  ! '' # $ % & / ( ) *
    Any unknown command will toggle the enable state of the sniffer.