Xpressnet™ - Command Extensions

    The following comands describe the use of the MFT in an Xpressnet-Environment - not acting as throttle, but tunneling the user inputs through the command station to a pc program and vice versa. For interacting directly with the throttle, please see this list of host commands.

    Besides the standard xpressnet commands the OpenDCC command station supports some command extensions. One of theses extensions is a command tunnel for handheld controllers from the xpressnet side to the PC side.
    All commands starting with 0x3* from the xpressnet interface are forwarded to the PC and vice versa. These commands are used in the PC_throttle mode, allowing the throttle to directly control the application program on the PC. I.E. this feature is supported by rocrail.
    Commandlist for tunnelled Xpressnet Message (Extension)
    Messages from the throttle
    0x33 ID 0x00 0x00 [XOR]   Throttle with ID is not ready for remote operation. ('Goodbye')
    0x33 ID 0x00 0x01 [XOR]   Throttle with ID is ready for remote operation. ('Hello')
    0x38 ID 0x01 VID PID SER1 SER0 VER1 VER0 [XOR]   VID is the vendor ID number for this throttle. VID = 13: OpenDCC
    PID is the product ID number for this throttle.
        PID = 1: OpenDCC MFT with char display 4 x 20
        PID = 2: OpenDCC MFT with graphic display 128 x 64
    SER1 and SER0 is the serial number of this throttle.
    VER1 is the main software version of this throttle, VER0 is the subversion.
    0x33 ID 0x10 KEY_CODE VAL [XOR]   Anounces that that a KEY_STROKE event on key KEY_CODE with the value VAL has occured. KEY_CODE is coded as in the table below, value is typically 0 for key. Turn wheel operation generates a KEY_CODE 'KEY_KNOB_TURNED' and the value is the number of rotate steps, positive values are clockwise.
    0x32 ID 0x11 [XOR]   Throttle has executed the text message (acknowledge message).
    Messages from the PC
    0x33 ID 0x00 0x00 [XOR]   Throttle with ID is not (or no longer) remote operated. ('Goodbye')
    0x33 ID 0x00 0x01 [XOR]   Throttle with ID should change to remote operation. ('Hello'). The throttle should send the same message back.
    0x32 ID 0x01 [XOR]   Query ID: Throttle with ID should reports its vendor ID, product ID, serial and software version.
    0x3* ID 0x10 XPOS YPOS [String] [XOR]   Displays the string in the display at position XPOS and YPOS. XPOS is counted from the upper left corner and starts with 0. Maximum allowed string length is 10 chars. Longer strings must be transmitted in more than one message.
    0x3* ID 0x11 XPOS YPOS [String] [XOR]   Same operation as above, but the throttle has to send back an acknowledge message.
    0x3* ID 0x12 XPOS YPOS [String] [XOR]   Same operation as above, but text is displayed in blinking mode. Throttle must send back a text ack message.
    0x34 ID 0x20 LED_ID LED_STATE [XOR]   This command turns LED with the number LED_ID in the state given with LED_STATE.
    Bits ValueDescription
    76541111all possible colors on this LED are affected
    0001only red is affected
    0010only green
    0000not affected
    32100000LED off
    0001LED on
    0010LED slowly blinking
    0011LED fast blinking