OpenDCC AniMat (OpenPlayer - DCC-Decoder)


    As well as recreating train operations, more fully featured layouts may also have their environmental lighting controlled and through the implementation of sound and tone a virtual world can be created. This is supported through the use of moving figures and optical effects.
    With respect to sound, recordings in locomotives and also stationary sounds (e.g station announcements, birdsong in the forest, church bells etc.) are of interest. The AniMat project allows us to control such sound and movement.

    The project is based on a revolutionary concept with time triggered events, that may be controlled over the DCC interface, over individual inputs or over a remote interface. AniMat can be used as more than just a decoder. It can be used for every kind of small process control or as an SPS.

    This concept allows for the realisation of small animated scenes, like for example level crossings (first the Saint Andrew's cross blinks, then the siren/bell sounds, the Faller cars come to a halt and the barrier falls slowly), fairgrounds, carrousels, factories etc. For more details see the Applications section.

    AniMat-S (Previously: OpenDecoder4) is the first implementation of this project. The hardware consists of:
      Basic AniMat-S specifications
      8 freely programmable switched outputs. 300mA per output
      8 universal inputs
      1 DCC input
      1 mp3 soundsystem, stereo with 2x10Watt outputs (micro SD-Card)
      2 motor connections
      2 servo connections
      1 universal control port for CAN, Xpressnet and USB
    Of course, you can use just individual parts of the hardware if you wish. AniMat can serve as a flexible, configurable universal decoder, whereby analogue control over the universal inputs is maintained.