Sockets for Xpressnet™

    Xpressnet Outlet
    For throtttles based on Xpressnet sockets (outlets) are needed around the layout to plug the throttle at appropriate location.
    Xpressnet is easily wired, usually with normal telephone lines. The circuit here uses four RJ12 jacks, two of them at the component side and two at the solder side.


    The 120 ohms termination is only necessary for large installations at the far ned of the network, SJ1remains generally open.
    Typically, the xpressnet gets the power from the command station (SJ2 closed). If an external supply should be used, SJ2 is left open and the +12V can be fed separately.


    Component Side Solder Side
    Component SideSolder Side


    There is not much to say - the sockets are SMD components of Tyco / AMP, which allows for a compact layout. Start with the SMD components, then mount the component side sockets. Use the cover frame to adjust the sockets and the LED. At last mount the socket at the bottom.


    I created front panel (PCB) with the same dimensions as the board (23 * 49mm). Both PCBs are screwed in the enclosure of the model railway, resulting in a good look of the installation.


    C1100nFC-EUC1206C1206CAPACITOR, European symbol
    J11-338086-3RJ12 PLUGSMD MOUNTAMP connector
    J21-338086-3RJ12 PLUGSMD MOUNTAMP connector
    J31-338086-3RJ12 PLUGSMD MOUNTAMP connector
    J41-338086-3RJ12 PLUGSMD MOUNTAMP connector
    R14k7R-EU_R1206R1206RESISTOR, European symbol
    R2120R-EU_R1206R1206RESISTOR, European symbol
    PCB   X-Verteiler