Converter S88 to RJ45

Description (V1.2 and V1.3):

    To avoid the potential transmission problems with S88, a small PCB RJ45 for S88 was implemented. This can be plugged to the GBM16XS of Blücher and to the Intellibox. (OpenDCC can be equipped alternatively with the S88 pins or the RJ45 socket. (OpenDCC can emulate both the Intellibox and the HSI88).

    There are now a standardisation of this conversion: see s88-n.

Adapter (OpenDCC assignment (up to hardware V1.3)):

    The two plug-in system has the following pin assignment: ):

    Pin Name  Description
    1 DATA  Read out data
    2 GND  Ground for signals and power supply
    3 CLOCK  CLOCK signal for synchronization
    4 LOAD  LOAD request, stores data to shift register
    5 RESET  RESET input memory
    6 +5V  supply voltage for the feedback modules
    Pairs are on the Pins 1.2 - 3.6 - 4.5 - 7.8; i.e. a pair always consists of "color" and "white+color".
    standard color coding (TIA568A):
    1 - wh/gn = white-green
    2 - gn = green
    3 - wh/or = white-orange
    4 - bl = blue
    5 - wh/bl = white-blue
    6 - or = orange
    7 - wh/br = white-brown
    8 - br = brown
    Pin 1 on the connector is in the right corner (viewed from the front, contacts at upper side)
    If the sensitive signals (CLOCK, LOAD, RESET) are each paired with ground, the following, meaningful cable conversion (OpenDCC allocation) arises:

    Pin S88 Name Description Pin RJ45 Color
    1 DATA Readout data 8 br
    2 GND Masse für Signale und Versorgungsspannung 1 wh/gn
    2 GND 3 wh/or
    2 GND 5 wh/bl
    3 CLOCK Clock signal 2 gn
    4 LOAD load request 4 bl
    5 RESET Reset Input memory 6 or
    6 +5V supply voltage for the feedback module 7 wh/br

    Note: There is now a standardization: S88-N. OpenDCC version V1.4 or higher uses the new standard.
    Adaptor boards according to old and new standard can be used in combination, if care is taken that on one RJ45 cable both front and rear uses the same standard.


    Single-sided double-sided


    The following components can be used (partnumbers according
  • MEBP 8-8 (double socket for connecting two rj45 cables)
  • MEBP 8-8S (pcb plug)
  • BL 1X20W8 2,54 (S88 socket, which is 20 pins, you can split it in 3 parts with 6 pins)
  • Cables: also available at Reichelt, search for RJ45
  • MEB 8-8 (RJ45 socket with cables attached)


    Adapter and cable

    Mounted feedback modules (GBM16XS), plugged adapters.