History, Change Log:

    10.02.10 AniMat project added
    Bugfix on booster (affecting cutout generation for railcom)
    12.01.10 watchdog reworked, soft brake added.
    01.12.08 New Software for command station (XP-Version), new decoder for sodium lamps
    19.11.08 Throttle Announcing a new project!
    06.09.08 Small servo decoder (i.e. for movements or Faller Car)
    23.08.08 OpenDCC is now able to run Xpressnet™, thus enabling of the shelf handhelds. I've also implemented a loco data base in OpenDCC. This contains NAME, SPEEDSTEPS and FORMAT. This database could be transferred to Roco multiMaus by an host command. See ib commands for details (commands LOCADD, LOCDUMP, LOCCLEAR, LOCXMIT)
    20.08.08 V 0.16 beta for OpenDCC released, an update is recommended.
    08.08.08 Xpressnet Sockets, Pictures for Xpressnet Update. Pictures from Drive-In cinema.
    28.05.08 advanced signal decoder with lots of light effect, freely programmable to nearly any signalling scheme
    15.05.08 new: DCC Sniffer. A real cool tool for analyzing what's on the track - including delay measurements from sensor event to DCC command.
    25.02.08 More information for s88.
    01.02.08 moved to new layout of webpage.
    21.12.07 Some minor hardware changes to OpenDCC (V1.4). Wiring of S88 according to S88-N standard and easy accessable jumpers for switching between RS232 - USB. OpenDCC is the first command station supporting S88-N.
    05.12.07 Simple S88-N module for connecting some tracers or using an IR remote.
    21.11.07 Added download page for OpenDecoder2 and 3. You will also find Train Programmer files (.yrc)
    16.11.07 SignalDecoder now supports also Belgian signals.
    09.11.07 DMX Decoder is able to simulate lightnings (thunderstrom).
    20.10.07 V0.14 of OpenDCC released. See the FAQ about news, changes and bugfixes.
    17.10.07 adapter pcb for S88-N (s88 over CAT5).
    25.09.07 special version of OpenDecoder1: for Signalbridge for hidden yard
    24.09.07 Klaus Kemkes has built a non smd version of OpenDecoder2 with single sided layout.
    05.08.07 OpenDecoder3 released. This decoder can do BiDi (Railcom), the software can control servo, DMX, watchdog and relay (directly) (contained in the DMX software). The BiDi interface is optocoupled!
    22.07.07 New software for Opendecoder2: ShowDecoder für roundabouts and lightshows.
    03.06.07 An english description of the SignalDecoder added.
    15.05.07 A more detailed description of the DMX-Decoder added; this code is finished, too;
    26.04.07 DMX decoder for control of background light added. Servo decoder and feedback decoder are ready :-).
    21.04.07 I found an hardware bug on OpenDecoder2 (concerning Service Mode); An extra transistor is added. -> New Version V2.01
    Sitemap for OpenDecoder added.
    14.04.07 Another variant of the reverser - now with sensors for both sides of the track.
    OpenDecoder2 is running with basic functionality including feedback, the construction manual was updated.
    31.03.07 Detailed description of the technique for decoding DCC.
    29.03.07 rework of pages for OpenDecoder, there is a yahoo-Gruppe for developers.
    21.03.07 Sitemap for OpenDCC added.
    17.03.07 OpenDCC V0.13 released. new: a concept for turnout feedback.
    11.03.07 Added a description of ServoDecoder