OpenDCC Z1 - Command Station for DCC - Control of Boosters, external emergency stop

    Booster and external emergency stop push-buttons can be connected to OpenDCC. This allows to issue a stop from every point of the layout and in consequence to stop the boosters, too. The corresponding control line is connected in a loop over all keys.


    Schaltung Nothalt
    If a current flows through OK2, the command station will be disabled - it changes to STOP. This is indicated by the active output OK1. Other pushbuttons are connected so as shown in the diagram.

Required Settings

    To achieve this handling of inputs and outputs, following settings are required:
  • CV36 must be set to 1.
  • Solder jumper SJ4 must be closed.


    The optocoupler can be used for different tasks. Logically, one must decide on which task - that is why the external emergency stop does not coincide with the turnout feedback .